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Pressure Washing Residential and Commercial
Drive way
Construction site
Walk way
Store front
Aluminum railings

Soft washing residential and commercial
Vinyl siding
Aluminum siding
Full house

Window cleaning residential
Window cleaning commercial

Interior window cleaning
Exterior window cleaning
Exterior maintenance


Roof treatment
Roof sweep
Roof cleaning
Moss removal
Roof maintenance

Gutter Cleaning
Inside gutter cleaning
Outside gutter cleaning

Servicing areas
Port Coquitlam
Port Moody
Pitt meadow
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Pressure Washing Tennis Courts

Pressure washing tennis courts is a highly effective way of cleaning them, because this is strong enough to remove all the debris and moss growth and not too abrasive to damage the surfacing but this is a specialist maintenance procedure always advised to be carried out by a professional court maintenance contractor.

The sports court cleaning should be part of a maintenance programme schedule and the benefits of having the pressure washing carried out are:

  • Improves safety characteristics of the surfacing (not slippery)
  • Improves playing characteristics as cleaning makes it ‘as new’
  • Life of the surface extends if maintained correctly
  • Appearance of courts attracts players to use the facility
  • Improves drainage keeping it free draining and not clogging up the pores

Tennis Court Pressure Washing by Upkeep Property Tennis Court Pressure Washing by Upkeep Property


Commercial Building Power Washing

Built-up dirt and grime can wreak havoc on commercial buildings, giving them a worn-down appearance and causing long-term structural damage if left unattended.

Power washing is an effective and safe way to give your property’s exteriors – including walls and paved walkways – a facelift, leaving them thoroughly cleaned and refreshing their appearance.

Check out these four benefits of power washing your commercial building:

1.     Boost Your Building’s Curb Appeal

Up to 70% of visitors will make their buying decisions after they walk through the front door, which makes your building’s exterior appearance as important as what happens inside.

Power washing is a cost-effective way to restore your commercial building’s appearance, giving visitors a positive first impression and getting them through the front door.

2.     Prevent Injuries and Illness

Trips and falls are the third largest cause of time-loss injuries in Canada. In high-traffic areas, it’s important to remove hazardous grime before someone – whether an employee or visitor – suffers a serious slip.

It’s also important to remove built-up pollutants like mold, pollen, and bird droppings. If left unattended, they can cause breathing troubles, allergies, and respiratory diseases for a building’s residents and guests.

3.     Wash Away Built-Up Grime to Maintain Commercial Buildings

Grime not only looks unattractive, but can also cause structural damage.

Troublesome buildups include:

  • Bird droppings, which have a pH between 3 and 4.5 (on par with vinegar) and can eat away at wood, metal, stone, and tar-based materials.
  • De-icing salt, which should be cleaned up in the spring to prevent the acidic buildups and runoff from wearing away at concrete, metal, and wood.
  • Mold and mildew, which can become difficult to remove or permanently discolour the building if left uncleaned.

Regularly cleaning built-up dirt, mildew, and pollutants can help maintain your commercial property and protect it from premature wear-and-tear.

4.     Power Wash to Guarantee a Complete Clean

High-pressure power washing is the most time- and cost-effective way to tackle a variety of outdoor surfaces, including:

  • Vinyl and aluminum siding
  • Stone-clad, concrete, brick, and cinderblock walls
  • Walkways and sidewalks (concrete or blacktop)
  • Parking garages (elevated or underground)
  • Dumpster areas (to disinfect and remove odours)
  • Facades and awnings

High-pressure washing easily cuts through the most stubborn dirt, making it easy to clean large areas in a flash.

Working with the Right Cleaning Professionals

Keep your building looking its best by sticking to a regular power washing schedule, removing dirt and grime before problems crop up.



Soft Washing

Here is a few before and after pictures of a home we soft washed in Pitt meadows.

What are the Differences Between Soft Washing and Power Washing?

One of the most important differences between soft and power washing is that a soft washing system does not damage your house. Therefore, your house stays clean for a longer time. On the other hand, pressure washing increases the risk of damaging your windows, seals and siding around windows and other areas of your home. When a house is a power washed, screens need to be removed. With a soft wash system, screen removal isn’t required.

We can soft wash:

vinyl siding

wood siding

aluminum siding

glass canopy

metal canopy



outside gutters

Pressure Washing Gates park in Port Coquitlam

Pressure washing brings out the beauty of the property, in this case it is a park!

We power washed all the interlocking brick walkway, the main entrance sign as well as the soft ball fields in the park.

why pressure wash?

Whether it’s a residential, commercial, recreational or retail property, you want to attract people to the property and keep them there. That means clean and well maintained park where kids and families can enjoy their time.