Awnings And Glass Awnings

Awning rejuvenation in Vancouver and the lower mainland is fast and affordable with our awning cleaning services. Whether your awning is neglected and needs to be recolored, we want to be your awning service provider in Vancouver and the lower mainland.

Regular awning maintenance is typically the best way to preserve your awning and extends its lifespan. In addition to maintenance, awning sealer will help prevent damage by weathering and UV rays.



Call us today for awning renewal, awning maintenance, or awning coloring services in Vancouver and the lower mainland. We know you have a choice when it comes to selecting an awning restoration company, and we want to earn your awning services business.

Types of Awnings We Service

We service a variety of awnings, tents, tarps, flags, banners, canopies, and signs.

Patio canopies can often be restored to their original intended appearance for a fraction of the patio canopies cost of replacement. Our patio canopy service includes cleaning the patio canopy to restore the bright colors and then applying a protective treatment to the canopy to allow for easy canopy maintenance.

We restore a variety of deck umbrellas to remove mold and debris, and the applied sealer to the deck umbrellas to protect the material from the elements. This is a great service for restaurant deck umbrellas that preserves the lifespan of the umbrella.

Our awnings services also include using cutting edge awning cleaners to provide high-quality awning cleaning services and awning sealers.

In addition to cloth and canvas awnings, we can also clean and restore hard awnings including pedestrian walkways and glass awnings.

When comparing our broad service range to that of other awning cleaning companies, we are sure you will find that we have the knowledge, and low awning cleaning costs to get your job done within any budget.


Awning Cleaning Services 

Proper awning maintenance cleaning is an important part of preserving any awning or canopy. We only use high-quality awning maintenance cleaner that will not damage the material.

Awning Cleaner is particularly effective for hood style awning cleaning. Hood style awnings are typically close to the building and receive a variety of soils as a result.


Awning restoration must be employed by our awning restoration experts after a particular awning has been neglected to the point where it can no longer be cleaned with general awning maintenance services. Awning renewal is a great way to reduce awning costs when compared to awning replacement. Sometimes our awning restoration services must include awning recoloring services to restore the colors of the awning to their original appearance.

Walkway canopies are typically a customer’s first impression when visiting a property. A dingy walkway canopy results in negative curb appeal for the entire property. Entrance canopy cleaning is a great way to brighten up the front entrance of the building. This is the same case for porch awnings and entrance canopies. Entrance canopy cleaning in Vancouver and the lower mainland is noninvasive and can be performed at times that do not affect the functionality of the property in a negative way.

We even service specialty awnings like retractable awnings. Typically retractable awning cleaning is required on a seasonal basis when the awning is employed the most.

Our awning cleaners can perform many types of patio awning cleaning or service to any porch awning. We can also clean awnings in high, hard to reach areas.